How to invest more effectively on Žltý melón?

Watch our tutorial videos that will help you to navigate the Žltý melón platform, make better use of all of its features and options, and invest your money more effectively.

We will be adding more tutorial videos to this page that are dedicated to the main features of Žltý melón and how to use them.

Investment manager - Autoinvest

For those people who want to quickly and easily build a broad and diversified investment portfolio, or do not want to manually manage their investments, Žltý melón offers a simple innovative solution with our auto-investment tool which is part of the 'Investment Terminal', a set of features that serves as a dashboard for your 'My Account' page

My Account

The ‘My Account’ section of our website is your portal to managing your investment portfolio, your money and your user account on the Žltý melón platform. Using the ‘Investment Terminal' dashboard and the tools within it, you are able to easily find the current status of your investments, an overview of all your incoming and outgoing payments, as well as access the secondary market and look for new loan auctions to invest in.

From the ‘Account details’ page within ‘My Account’, you can also withdraw money from your virtual Žltý melón investment account to your main bank account, make an internal currency conversions between your virtual accounts on Žltý melón and also find the information necessary to deposit funds into your virutal investment accounts on Žltý melón.

Secondary market of investments

The 'Secondary Market' on Žltý melón provides increased liquidity for investors who can sell their investment stake in loans before the loan is fully repaid. At the same time it offers further opportunities for you as an investo to implement various more complex investment strategies, whether by investing in loans that already have a good history of on-time repayment, or by investing in more risky loans on more favourable terms than were originally agreed by investors.